Wedding Loans

A wedding is one of the most important, exciting and responsible events in the life of every person. But any celebration implies considerable expenses, which a young couple cannot always cope with.

The main difference between a wedding and other holidays is numerous guests and several stages of preparation. This day is prepared in advance, preparations begin not a week earlier but several months in advance. The list of wedding services that the couple has to pay for includes:

  • Bridesmaid dress and accessories;
  • Groom’s costume;
  • A pair of gold rings for the bride and groom;
  • Renting a restaurant, bar, guest house or another place to celebrate a wedding;
  • Payment for registration services;
  • Services of musicians, DJs, toastmasters, dancers, etc;
  • Photo and video shooting;
  • Calling the hairdresser and make-up artist at home;
  • Renting vehicles;
  • Production of invitations, posters and other festive attributes;
  • Other accompanying expenses.

And this list is far from complete. For the celebration, you will need to buy more than a dozen different accessories to make the holiday solemn.

Your solemn celebration will definitely be attended by relatives and friends from other cities who will need to stay somewhere for the night. Finding a place to stay for your guests is a direct responsibility of the bride and groom. A great option for guests to relax can be a guest house.

By mutual decision, the cost of the entire wedding can start from a couple of thousand dollars and end in exorbitant amounts. Although, often newlyweds do not have this amount but want to spend their wedding day exactly as they always dreamed. But do not be upset and do not panic – there is always a way out and this time this “way out” will be a wedding loan.

How to get a wedding loan in Boston?

First, you need to review banking programs and find a lender that provides a targeted loan to cover all the costs associated with the celebration of the wedding day. In the Google search, you will also find offers. You can even send a request online. The lender’s decision is fast: the lender will respond to your application literally within 30 minutes. To send a request for a wedding loan, you will need to specify all your details in an application: to specify the desired loan amount and the repayment period.

A loan for a wedding celebration is a very convenient thing. You can use it both for the entire cost of the celebration and for a small part. The repayment period can be separately agreed with the bank because the newlyweds may already have a mortgage or a car loan and they need easy monthly payments.

If you have no time for an independent wedding organization, you can contact the theme salon and order wedding services from a professional. Usually, such organizations have their own financial partners in Massachusetts, so they can offer you a profitable loan for the amount that will cover the entire wedding celebration.

Why use our referral service?

Consumers contact microfinance organizations for various reasons, for example, getting the money required for a wedding. Getting money for a wedding from a microfinance organization is the fastest and most painless way. And our company will help you find the best lender for your needs. We cooperate with lenders that offer the lowest interest rates and convenient repayment options. In addition, you will not need to do major homework.

Advantages of getting a wedding loan from an MFI

  • You can easily apply for a loan online from the comfort of your home;
  • The MFI does not make any additional checks: the lender does not check your credit history and income;
  • The lenders from our network operate around the clock and provide funds as quickly as possible;
  • You get the desired funds deposited into your bank account;
  • MFIs approve most online applications, so you don’t have to worry too much.

The disadvantages of this option include the cash limit and possible penalties in case of non-payment within the specified time frame.

To get money from an MFI in the shortest possible time, you need to:

  1. Fill out an online application on our website. This process usually takes a couple of minutes. After that, we will connect you to a suitable lender;
  2. Wait for approval from MFI representatives. The procedure takes no more than 15 minutes. As soon as you receive a notification that your application has been accepted and approved, the required amount of money will be deposited into your bank account.

Microfinance organizations differ from banks in their simplicity. The main document that you will need to get a wedding loan is an ID.

An alternative solution

If for some reason you were unable to get a targeted loan for the celebration of your wedding day, then the only way out of the situation will be a personal loan, which can be spent to cover any expenses. The term, the amount and interest rate of a personal loan will depend on your income and credit history. The lender will set the terms of the loan individually for each client.

Sometimes personal lending for a young couple is more convenient than a loan that pays for the entire celebration since borrowers can only get a loan for a part of the required amount of money and pay the rest out of their own savings.

Also, you can use your credit card limit. If the available funds may cover all wedding services or the celebration in general, then such a loan will be the best option: when paying off the card, you will not have a clear schedule and specific deadlines.

When choosing to pay for wedding services with a credit card, pay for all expenses using a terminal or other banking device that can pay for your expenses without cashing out money. For example, when booking a rental of a guest house or other place for guests to relax, celebrate the wedding itself, pay the property owner with a credit card. Thus, you will not pay a commission for withdrawing money, and you will be able to return the loan without interest if you invest in the grace period of the card.

Should I take a wedding loan?

The bride and groom must answer this question. There is no one answer because everyone has their own life and financial situation. There are people who do not have a chance to organize a memorable event without additional funding. A wedding loan has many good and bad sides.


  • the possibility of organizing a wedding that you have always dreamed of;
  • the ability to invite more guests;
  • the ability to choose the best conditions;
  • a large selection of halls;
  • you can afford to take beautiful pictures;
  • decent music: DJ, band or orchestra;
  • more delicious food;
  • the best alcohol;
  • part of the loan can be repaid immediately after the wedding with the money received from the guests;
  • the possibility to rent a limousine;
  • the best dress and suit.


  • you get married with debt;
  • the wedding lasts a maximum of 2 days, and you pay off the debt much longer;
  • you spend more money.

And yet, a wedding loan is the best financing option for young people who are not yet ready for major costs. A wedding day celebrated with luxury will make a great start to a new family life.